Kobe Bryant Interview

On Wednesday, ahead of their game against the Knicks in the Garden (which they lost), and in the midst of a 3 game losing streak and 4 game under .500, Kobe Bryant sat down for an interview with ESPN’s Screamin’ Stephen A. Smith. The 40 minute interview naturally touches the Lakers’ pre-season great expectations and their terrible […]

MJ Works Out with the Bobcats

It’s been a while since Bobcats Chairman/Owner Mike Jordan joined his team’s practice, and this most recent one was indeed a treat. While the ‘Cats are sporting a somewhat positively surprising 7 -13 record (they won 7 games total last year), getting $ to work out with you definitely can’t hurt. It seems the players appreciated the opportunity to get […]

Stars Abroad – Allen Iverson

Who doesn’t love Allen Iverson? If not love, one has to at least respect one of the greatest pound-for-pound guards in the history of basketball. After being unceremoniously cut from the 76ers back in 2010,  a short stint in Turkey and quite a bit of silence, AI recently resurfaced in China, and, at 37, looks pretty damn […]

Ad Review: Kobe vs Messi: Legends on Board – Turkish Airlines

I guess it’s bad form to start off a Blog category that features reviews of basketball-related product advertisements with a blatantly non-basketball ad, but it does feature the best active basketball player on earth, Kobe Bryant (quiet down, you), so…here we go. This ad, released December 6th, 2012 for Turkish Airlines, starts off with a young boy […]