Blake Griffin Kia Time Travel Commercials Are Genius!

The Clippers have been making all kinds of headlines for their team record 12 win streak, wonderfully juxtaposed against the struggling Lakers. They’re led by CP3 and headlined by the ESPN Top 10 staple Blake Griffin.

For those of you hiding under a rock who haven’t seen Griffin as the new spokesman for Kia, you’re missing out. Blake is surprisingly funny and good on camera, unlike the majority of athletes. His dry sense of humor and ability to laugh at his own shortcomings makes for some memorable commercials. Kia does a great job of getting their brand across without taking the focus away from the great┬ástorytelling.

The most recent series of commercials involves him going back in time to visit himself as a kid in 1995, 1997 and 1999. Enjoy them!

The first commercial goes back to 1995 where he tells himself to practice his free throws… a lot, as he gets the ball stuck between the hoop and the backboard.

In the next commercial, he finds himself in a park, intercepting a football and punting it into the next zip code. “Wrong sport… Lose the jean shorts… trust me.”

This is the best of the three. He pulls up to a gas station as his younger self is playing a racing game. He points him to the nearby dunking game, telling him to focus on that. “But all you do is dunk in that game.” The crowning jewel is Griffin winking as he says “Bingo”, then rides the kiddie horse, reminiscent of the viral Old Spice campaign.


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