Swunk Contest Results: Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” vs Gerald Green “Showstopper”

The Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. We’re back after a long break over the holidays. Once again, thanks to everyone who voted in the contest between Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” and Gerald Green “Showstopper”. Dwight Howard really had an uphill battle from the start. He’s fighting injuries which has limited his physical dominance […]

Blake Griffin Kia Time Travel Commercials Are Genius!

Blake Griffin on a Horse - Kia

The Clippers have been making all kinds of headlines for their team record 12 win streak, wonderfully juxtaposed against the struggling Lakers. They’re led by CP3 and headlined by the ESPN Top 10 staple Blake Griffin. For those of you hiding under a rock who haven’t seen Griffin as the new spokesman for Kia, you’re […]

Mike Conley Courtside: Adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adiZero Crazy Light

The 2007 NCAA National Championship game pitted Corey Brewer, Al Horford, Joakim Noah and Marreese Speights against Greg Oden, Daequan Cook and Mike Conley, Jr. The squad with four future NBA players handled the three with relative ease. Even then, it was apparent to everyone that Greg Oden was the man to watch in that game, as […]

Swunk Contest: Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” vs Gerald Green “Showstopper”

The Dunkers #4 Gerald Green Green might run away with this victory simply based on the fact that he’s had some of the most ridiculous in-game dunks in recent memory. Last year as a member of the New Jersey Nets, Green caught a fast-break pass that turned into an windmill ally-oop. Oh, and his head was […]

Swunk Contest Results: Blake Griffin “Blake Show” vs DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI”

The Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. Thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever Swung Contest match-up between Blake Griffin “Blake Show” and DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI.” Despite a strong comeback, DeRozen couldn’t get over the hump. Griffin got 57% of the vote and will move on to play the winner of this […]

Kobe Bryant Interview

On Wednesday, ahead of their game against the Knicks in the Garden (which they lost), and in the midst of a 3 game losing streak and 4 game under .500, Kobe Bryant sat down for an interview with ESPN’s Screamin’ Stephen A. Smith. The 40 minute interview naturally touches the Lakers’ pre-season great expectations and their terrible […]

MJ Works Out with the Bobcats

It’s been a while since Bobcats Chairman/Owner Mike Jordan joined his team’s practice, and this most recent one was indeed a treat. While the ‘Cats are sporting a somewhat positively surprising 7 -13 record (they won 7 games total last year), getting $ to work out with you definitely can’t hurt. It seems the players appreciated the opportunity to get […]

Stars Abroad – Allen Iverson

Who doesn’t love Allen Iverson? If not love, one has to at least respect one of the greatest pound-for-pound guards in the history of basketball. After being unceremoniously cut from the 76ers back in 2010,  a short stint in Turkey and quite a bit of silence, AI recently resurfaced in China, and, at 37, looks pretty damn […]