Chris Paul in his Jordan-CP3 VI



The real story in the Clippers win over the Bulls last night was Blake Griffin dunking on everyone (check out the highlights). But as you can see, much of that had to do with Chris Paul, who himself put in 18, 4 and 4.

CP3 has been doing his thing all season, averaging around 16 and 9. I do long for the days when he was putting up 22 and 11, and was just on another level. I guess that’s what injuries do.

At least his style has improved with age. The Jordan-CP3 VI¬†look sleek, but they don’t come in high tops, meaning I won’t be wearing em any time soon.


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    Love that photo. Classic CP3 pose, Blake ready and in kill mode, and JoNo is getting ready to either fix his hair for the poster he’s about to be in, or GTFO out of the way.

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    How excited does Blake Show look now that he realizes he’s about to slam? Hilarious face.

    With regards to the shoe. I love this color scheme. I actually saw these shoes at Footlocker the other day. I wasn’t a fan of all the multi-colored versions. Simple red/black does the trick for me.

    P.S. – I have a performance review coming out next week on these kicks… stay tuned.

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