Fantasy: Cat Punting Intro

NBA Spalding BasketballIn the world of NBA fantasy it is common to hear the expression “cat punting.” This expression may already bring some things or actions to mind, but in the NBA fantasy world cat punting is a bona fide, tried-and-true strategy. In my opinion, it is the most effective fantasy strategy available.

Specifically, cat punting is achieved by molding your team in such a way so as to maximize your strong categories (“cats”) at the complete expense of your weaker ones. The idea is to ensure that the majority of your cats are strong ones—and ultimately, that you stay above .500 by winning a majority of categories. It is the opposite of employing the default “across-the-board” strategy whereby the manager attempts to stay competitive in all cats.

Ever since I adopted this elegant approach to NBA fantasy I have been convinced that an effective across-the-board strategy will get you to the playoffs while effective cat punting will win you championships.

In the second article of this series–Cat Punting Basics–I will get more specific about the concept. We will be looking at a team managed by a competing friend of mine (aka “Bosh Spice”) as a case study.

I’ll leave the wonkish stuff until then.

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