Jordans 6-17-23 Unboxing – Pop This Box’s Cherry

Popping the cherry on cherry-red and charcoal Jordan 6-17-23’s. Time to see if they have that WOW factor.

I’ve now retired this pair to the back of my closet. They paved the way for better things to come.

Contest Rules
If you want ‘em, watch the video and leave a convincing argument or excellent story (basketball related) in this comment section. I’ll mail ‘em out to you.


  1. says

    I’ve now retired this pair to the back of my closet. They paved the way for better things to come. If you want ’em, leave a convincing argument in this comment section and I’ll mail ’em out to you.

  2. Leah Southwell says

    Well guys, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other and I’m really hoping to make it over to America soon so someone apart from Jeremy can teach me how to play basketball and I think these shoes would really help my game out. Thanks heaps xx

  3. Rod Langway says

    I saw the lone #2 (that’s what it’s used for) stall at the Verizon Center during a Caps preseason game in 2010 during intermission that was occupied by a very conspicuous pair of size 14 New Balance. I couldn’t stop laughing and texted my brother down the road in Richmond to let him know that there was a guy with huge feet that may as well have been a neon sign saying, “I’m taking a crap!”, amongst the 80 or so people waiting to relieve themselves from ingesting large quantities of Anheuser-Busch and Coca Cola products. The mild mannered friend that I was with was like, “who are you texting and what about?”. I recanted the situation to him, “Yeah, those were some pretty big shoes…”. Euphemistically speaking, that was spot on.

    I don’t need the shoes, but thought that I’d share my size 14 anecdote. From a fellow Mountaineer, I hope that Joe gets to sport some MJs on the court soon.

  4. Brandon moxley says

    I would like thoes shoes the best because its hard for me to find shoes my size and I only buy nike and jordon shoes because I know they only make high quality so I love them and take care of them and I think thoes are some of the nicest shoes I have seen in a while I would lo to get them so please send them to me they would not go to waaste and they would be extremly well looked after plus its always nice to be able to brag your friend about ur awsome new shoes

  5. Michael Allwein says

    You should send them to me Joe to add to my collection of 15pairs of shoes! These would be a great addition!

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