MJ Works Out with the Bobcats

It’s been a while since Bobcats Chairman/Owner Mike Jordan joined his team’s practice, and this most recent one was indeed a treat.

While the ‘Cats are sporting a somewhat positively surprising 7 -13 record (they won 7 games total last year), getting $ to work out with you definitely can’t hurt. It seems the players appreciated the opportunity to get MJ’s feedback and thoughts on their games:

Bismack Biyombo:

“I had a chance to talk to him about my game, and obviously he sees a lot more than I see and we see on the floor. He also knows the game better than we do, so he’s always giving advice. I think it’s very good for us.”

Gerald Henderson:

“He’s the best ever to play and has that competitive nature. I think he always feels like he can help you, so it’s good. We played a little one-on-one and did some shooting drills, so that’s always a lot of fun. He wants to win, so it gets competitive.”

Check out the video below for some more MJ workout footage and player reactions.

You think MJ, a few months shy of 50 years old, could still hang with the young guns in the League? Hmmm…

Check out some pictures of Michael Jordan’s workout with the Bobcats.

Quotes via NBA.com


  1. Shadowgummy says

    I miss MJ. It’s sad that my son will grow-up without him. I am GLAD that Kobe will be done by the time my son starts to take an interest in the game. (Needs to learn how to talk, hand-eye coordination, that type of stuff first). BAM

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