Nike Zoom Hyperfuse (Low) Review


Not a conventional pair of kicks

When I first saw the Hyperfuse I thought they looked weird, felt too light for a basketball shoe, and were the totally wrong fit for me personally: I am very protective of my ankles and I’m not someone who likes wearing braces, so my protection has always come from a high top shoe. So the Hyperfuse low tops were a very risky proposition for me from the start. In fact, the low tops remain the only problem that I have with this version of the Hyperfuse. The good news is that not only do they come in high tops, but the rest of the shoe is mint.

Comfort – 4/5

The Zoom Hyperfuse is the most lightweight basketball shoe I’ve ever worn. It has completely changed the way I look at bball sneakers. Whereas before I felt obliged to sacrifice comfort in order to gain stability, performance and protection, now I know that comfort can be achieved alongside those important facets.

The Hyperfuse has incredible breath-ability thanks to its mesh layer. Below the mesh is a tight, synthetic layer which provides glove-like stability. It really molds to your feet. The sole is very cushiony yet springy and provides surprisingly excellent support.

Performance – 2.5/5

In terms of performance on the court, it took me awhile to get used to wearing light shoes but due to their superior comfort, I find myself moving around quite effortlessly—my shoes are not a concern when I wear them and so I’m able to just do what I do. That said, the low tops are simply unacceptable for my ankles. I can’t rate these higher than a 2.5 for that reason. If you are someone who likes to wear low tops, then consider these to be very good performing shoes.

Structural Tests

Lateral stability test: The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low performed above average in the lateral stability test. I attribute this to the width of the sole, which seems to jut out more than you’d expect on a tight, narrow shoe.

Rigidity test: the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse performed about average, which is actually better than I expected given how lightweight and foamy the sole is.

Design – 1.5/5

I am still not very high on the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse aesthetics. Whereas I prefer my basketball shoes to be big and bold, the Hyperfuse are petite. In fact, I feel like a soccer player when I wear them. They are just ugly.

On the other hand, I have seen the high tops on court and I do like the aesthetics of those.

To be honest, as I get older, in terms of priority, the superficial quality of the shoe has yielded to performance and comfort in a big way; I don’t mind that the Hyperfuse lows are just plain ugly, they get the job done for my tweaked knees and heavy frame.

Value – 3.5/5

The Hyperfuse retail anywhere from $90 to $120. I think in terms of durability, the lower price range is about as good as you’ll get. I have gotten plenty of wear out of these over three years and they are still going strong. You can really feel the quality in these shoes even when you hold them. In any case, the hyperfuse technology seems to be the way basketball sneakers are trending. For that reason alone, it would be worth it to get these and get acclimated to their feel. Plus they are a great shoe.

I will be reviewing some high top Hyperfuses in the near future. We’ll see how the two compare.


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