Secrets to Power? From Body Secrets

The Power Roller available from Body Secrets, is an excellent way to self-administer myofascial release muscle therapy.

gcl-bodyroller.jpgThe art of getting the human body to function at a high level is an ongoing investigation. Pros nowadays have tapped into a new muscle treatment therapy that few amateurs have even heard of. The science behind it is rather complicated (which you can read up on here), but the concept is simple; apply focused, intense pressure to your soft tissues. The result, if done correctly and often is less pain, more mobility, and often dramatic corrections of chronic aches. Body Secrets has released this new, unique (but rather simple) instrument designed to make myofascial release easier and more convenient.

Does this work?

Absolutely. From personal experience with myofascial release therapy over the course of the last five years, I can vouch for this method of loosening up muscles and soft tissues. Think of myofascial release as the cousin of stretching. In many ways it feels more effective than stretching, and doing it on a consistent basis makes you feel free as a bird out on the court, track or even the weight room. There is a reason that every NBA team starts their practice warm-ups off with a series of myofascial release exercises. Many players even pack their own personal myofascial release instruments with them while traveling.


How are these Power Rollers Unique?

The Power Rollers are emerging during an era where makeshift myofascial release instruments are dominating the market. That is, most players and top level trainers will use things like lacrosse balls, tennis balls, golf balls, or baseballs to do their therapy. Those things work just fine, but the Power Rollers do bring a few simple innovations to the table that go a long way in enhancing the myofascial release experience; the ball sits inside a stable, plastic casing that allows it to balance on a tabletop or floor, and the casing itself has thumb grooves so that you can grip the ball and administer treatment by hand. This second feature is the most important, because with all other myofascial release instruments (simple balls and spheres), you have to place the ball between yourself and the floor, or a wall, then roll yourself around against the floor or the wall. That process gets exhausting after a few sets, especially if you’re doing therapy on your thighs, glutes or hamstrings. The plastic encasement allows you to hold the whole device in your hand and press the ball against any muscle on your body, the ball then spins within the encasement as your roll it around. Simple, effective, life-changing.


Worth the Cost?

Heading to your local Sports Authority for one of these is going to put you out about $20. Typical retailers carry this product for roughly the same cost. I found it online for as cheap at $13, which is still pretty steep considering you can get a whole bag of 6 lacrosse balls for under $20. If you are new to myofascial release, then I’d say just buy a lacrosse ball for $2 and see if you love what it does for you. After that, if you think you’re going to be committed to daily myofascial release on multiple body parts, then the Power Roller is worth the cost. Get it.


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