Stars Abroad – Allen Iverson

Who doesn’t love Allen Iverson? If not love, one has to at least respect one of the greatest pound-for-pound guards in the history of basketball.

After being unceremoniously cut from the 76ers back in 2010,  a short stint in Turkey and quite a bit of silence, AI recently resurfaced in China, and, at 37, looks pretty damn good.

Playing with and against some familiar names such as Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston, And 1 Mix Tape’s “The Professor” (and someone who goes by the name of “Mr. Africa”) AI’s quickness and crossover were on full display, and his mid-range J looks good too, from can be seen in the clip below. It’s good to see AI playing again, too bad to it’s only in China…

In other, non-basketball AI news…this is just sad.

Hang in there, Answer.



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