Stars Abroad – Tracy McGrady in China

I had to satisfy my NBA-players-overseas curiosity this morning by catching up with Tracy McGrady’s progress in China.

It turned out to be a timely curiosity, as just this past Sunday T-Mac issued a harsh elbow to a Chinese player who had hit a three–and proceeded to talk smack–in the seven time All-Star’s face.



Apart from that, McGrady is having no trouble doing what he does best: stuffing the box score (averaging 24, 5 and 4) while not winning (as of this post, his team is 0-7!).

Of course, T-Mac is doing it all in style, sporting a pair of sneakers with his own picture on it. All other branding is taped up.

Gotta love T-Mac.

Photo via Aaronknows.


  1. says

    The only thing that gets me more upset than a player flopping is when a player lays on the ground afterward pretending he got hit by a truck. How does one look in the mirror after doing something like that. No self-respect.

  2. Shadowgummy says

    This is the fake Tracy McGrady. The real T-Mac was eaten by Robert Tractor Traylor (RIP) in 2010 as punishment for losing to Dallas in the play-offs and ruining the 2010 season for Houston by blowing out his knee. All true. Look it up.

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