Swunk Contest 2012 Preview

The Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. Basketball Reviews will be pitting the best dunkers in the NBA against each other in a playoff style format. Each week readers will vote on which player moves onto the next round. The winner of this contest will not just be the player with the best highlights and posterizations, but the player who rocks the best foot-swag.

Check back weekly to make your voice heard in the first ever Swunk Contest. This weeks match-up: #1 Blake Griffin vs #8 DeMar Derozan.


  1. Scott says

    I would like to see a #7 over #2 as the only upset in this first round. Lebron is peaking as the world’s best player and has always seemed quite content with his trademark one-handed smash. He is busy mastering the game on both ends, and quite admirably never cared much about dunking with creativity (zero NBA dunk contest appearances). Yes, on occasion he’s gifted us with a swooping reverse or a windmill powered by that otherworldly left-legged takeoff. But if this is an authentic SWUNK contest, I’m taking the guy who lives to dunk; the guy who only touches the basketball if it’s a rebound or a dunk; the guy who probably practices dunks in place of free throws. Let’s let Lebron have the Larry O Brien trophy, the Bill Russell trophy and all those pretty medals. I like DeAndre Jordan to advance to the SWUNK final 4. He needs this.

    • says

      That is an upset worth keeping an eye on. The results of this contest are completely based on the votes of each reader. DeAndre might have an uphill battle going up against the popularity of Lebron. Let’s not forget about DeMar DeRozan. He can fly and has sweet Kobe VI kicks.

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