Swunk Contest: Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” vs Gerald Green “Showstopper”

Dwight Howard vs Gerald GreenThe Dunkers

#4 Gerald Green

Green might run away with this victory simply based on the fact that he’s had some of the most ridiculous in-game dunks in recent memory. Last year as a member of the New Jersey Nets, Green caught a fast-break pass that turned into an windmill ally-oop. Oh, and his head was literally at the rim. Green has been on six teams in six years and has been out of the league for two years. Despite being a dispensable asset for NBA GM’s, Green is a household name for NBA fans because he’s a freak dunker.

#5 Dwight Howard

Howard is a two time dunk contest winner and notorious for finishing through fellow big-men. While Howard’s performances in dunk contests have been impressive, many felt that his success was a little inflated by showmanship and the usage of props. Howard’s in-game dunking is also limited when it comes to spectacular dunks. Since he is always a few feet from the basketball there is rarely an opportunity to gain a head of steam on finish over opponents from a distance. Howard has one style of dunking in games, it’s straight POWER!

 Dunk Highlights

The Swag

Gerald Green Showstopper

Gerald Green ShowstopperAfter Gerald Green won the NBA dunk contest in 2007 Reebok made him his own shoe. They brought back the pumps and went with an eye-popping “look-at-me” design. This is perfect since Green’s shoes are often at eye level when he raises up and attacks the rim. I know this shoe was release years ago, but with the risk of Green getting bounced in round 1 I had to make sure these kicks got a mention in the Swunk Contest. Reebok only released 60 of these shoes to the public. At the time they sold for $100. You can now buy them from collectors for thousands. This will be Reebok’s only appearance this opening round of the 2012 Swunk Contest.

AdiPower Howards 2.0

adipower howard 2.0Dwight Howard is one of the main faces for Adidas when it comes to basketball shoes. They put a lot into this product to keep the big-fella happy. Just like Howard’s dunks, this shoe is all about power. Everything from the construction of the shoe to it’s name shows it’s built for exploding through opponents. It’s rare to see a true high-top in today’s basketball shoes.  The AdiPower is a true high-top. Adidas also used their recognizable strips on the side of the shoe to support the mid-foot. In my opinion, this is the better shoe of the two in terms of performance. But in the world of highlight real dunks, flash will most likely win this round.

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