Swunk Contest: Javale McGee “PEAK” vs Russell Westbrook “Jordan XX8”

Javale McGee vs Russell WestbrookThe Dunkers

#3 Javale McGee

McGee is 7-feet tall, has a 7’6″ wingspan, and wears a size 18 shoes. Despite his size, McGee is athletic as any big man. These attributes add up to one of the best dunkers in the NBA. McGee routinely posterizes other centers and he’s done things in the NBA Dunk Contest that no other player in history could have done. The NBA is a world of freak athletes with absurd wingspans and measurements, Javale McGee might be the biggest freak of them all (in a good way).

#6 Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is a high flying rim-rocker. Westbrook’s ability to finish with contact while flying through the lane reminds me a lot of Kevin Johnson, one of my all-time favorite dunkers. Westbrook is coming in as the underdog in this match-up, but great highlights are inevitable anytime a guard can challenge the giants of league at rim. This will certainly boost Westbrook’s chances against McGee. With the votes expected to be very close this week, every little advantage could make the difference.

 Dunk Highlights

The Swag

Javale McGee “PEAK”

Javale McGee WolverineAs one of the top NBA players sporting the PEAK brand, Javale McGee gets taken care of very nicely. It seems that every other month their coming out with a new customized look of McGee’s shoe. The Nike Air Foamposites might be the only shoe with as many color options and specialty designs dedicated very common events. It’s understandable that PEAK released Javale’s shoe for his participation in the dunk contest, the all-star game, the Denver Nuggets playoff qualification, and to his Alma mater, Nevada. Unfortunately things have gotten a little out of hand with the release of the shoe tribute to Team USA vs China and the Gold Medal finish. McGee wasn’t involved in either of these events which leaves me scratching my head. Either way, it’s a nice shoe with many options.

Russell Westbrook “Jordan XX8”

Russell Westbrook "Jordan XX8"Anytime you can rock a Jordan brand shoe it’s going to be a plus. Not only did Russell Westbrook get a chance to lace up the newest Jordan release, but he was the first player to debut the Jordan XX8 in an NBA game. Extra bonus points for Westbrook. On the negative side, the Jordan XX8’s haven’t been getting great reviews. It’s a bizarre design and the zip-up feature looks awkward as it travels way up the leg. Now when the shoe is unzipped it looks really cool and the unusual design works in the shoes favor. So now it’s up to you to decide.

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  1. says

    Javale has my vote.

    Forget the shoes, there has never been a dunker in the NBA like McGee, while Westbrook is a dime a dozen if you pluck any of the top dunkers from a given generation. He is this generation’s Steve Francis or Dwayne Wade. Even current players John Wall, Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans have the same mold.

    Not that uniqueness of the dunker is the only category to consider.

    Still, who else has ever dunked like McGee?

    Larry Nance? maybe…

    Keon Clark?

    Yeah Javale is nasty awkward.

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