Blake Griffin Kia Time Travel Commercials Are Genius!

Blake Griffin on a Horse - Kia

The Clippers have been making all kinds of headlines for their team record 12 win streak, wonderfully juxtaposed against the struggling Lakers. They’re led by CP3 and headlined by the ESPN Top 10 staple Blake Griffin. For those of you hiding under a rock who haven’t seen Griffin as the new spokesman for Kia, you’re […]

Swunk Contest Results: Blake Griffin “Blake Show” vs DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI”

Swunk Contest Derozan vs Griffin Results

The Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. Thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever Swung Contest match-up between Blake Griffin “Blake Show” and DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI.”¬†Despite a strong comeback, DeRozen couldn’t get over the hump. Griffin got 57% of the vote and will move on to play the winner of this […]

Swunk Contest: Blake Griffin “Blake Show” vs DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI”

Blake Griffin vs DeMar DeRozan

The Players This first round match-up features two very different player types, Blake Griffin and DeMar DeRozan. Griffin is built for power, standing 6’10, and weighing 250 lbs. He makes a habit of using this size to not only dunk on players but sometimes through players. DeRozan on the other hand is a shorter,¬†wiry, slasher. […]

Swunk Contest 2012 Preview

Swunk Contest 2012

The Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. Basketball Reviews will be pitting the best dunkers in the NBA against each other in a playoff style format. Each week readers will vote on which player moves onto the next round. The winner of this contest will not just be the player with the best highlights […]