Swunk Contest Results: Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” vs Gerald Green “Showstopper”

The Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. We’re back after a long break over the holidays. Once again, thanks to everyone who voted in the contest between Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” and Gerald Green “Showstopper”. Dwight Howard really had an uphill battle from the start. He’s fighting injuries which has limited his physical dominance […]

Swunk Contest: Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” vs Gerald Green “Showstopper”

The Dunkers #4 Gerald Green Green might run away with this victory simply based on the fact that he’s had some of the most ridiculous in-game dunks in recent memory. Last year as a member of the New Jersey Nets, Green caught a fast-break pass that turned into an windmill ally-oop. Oh, and his head was […]

Swunk Contest: Blake Griffin “Blake Show” vs DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI”

The Players This first round match-up features two very different player types, Blake Griffin and DeMar DeRozan. Griffin is built for power, standing 6’10, and weighing 250 lbs. He makes a habit of using this size to not only dunk on players but sometimes through players. DeRozan on the other hand is a shorter, wiry, slasher. […]