Swunk Contest: Blake Griffin “Blake Show” vs DeMar DeRozen “Kobe VI”

The Players

This first round match-up features two very different player types, Blake Griffin and DeMar DeRozan. Griffin is built for power, standing 6’10, and weighing 250 lbs. He makes a habit of using this size to not only dunk on players but sometimes through players. DeRozan on the other hand is a shorter, wiry, slasher. His quickness and jumping ability has allowed him to posterize many big-men getting to help-side late. Checkout some highlights.

The Shoes

DeMar DeRozan had his own Kobe VI Nike’s personalized with “COMP10” on the tongue and digits above the inside heal. Personally, I am not a huge fan of basketball shoes that are not high-tops. I prefer as much support around the ankle as possible. This is especially true if you rely on quickness and spend most of your time above the rim. Despite the low-top feature, this shoe is sharp and fits well with his current team the Toronto Raptors. On top of matching colors, the shoe texture resembles raptor scales which adds a nice touch.

For the last year, Blake Griffin has been sporting his own “Blake Show” Hyperdunks. Basketball players swear by the comfort and light weight which helps maximize sky-walking ability. On the downside the durability of the hyperdunk brand has been brought into question. Last season Griffin suffered a blowout on the very shoe he wore in the middle of a game (an opposing player stepped on his foot).


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