Swunk Contest Results: Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” vs Gerald Green “Showstopper”

Swunk ContestThe Swunk Contest: where dunks and swag matter. We’re back after a long break over the holidays. Once again, thanks to everyone who voted in the contest between Dwight Howard “AdiPower Howard 2.0” and Gerald Green “Showstopper”. Dwight Howard really had an uphill battle from the start. He’s fighting injuries which has limited his physical dominance and kept him off Sportscenter’s Top Ten.

On top of that, Gerald Green has connected on some of the most incredible dunks in recent history and his “Showstopper” shoe screams SWAG! In the end Gerald Green ran away with 88% of the vote.

Next up in the Swunk Contest is Javal McGee and Russell Westbrook. Read up on the swag in question, the player, and watch the highlights. Most importantly though, vote for the player you want to see move on to the next round.


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